The In-Studio Experience

The Bopomo Experience is what keeps our customers coming back year after year; 11 years to be exact!  Our child-friendly photographers and assistants are trained to get the most out of your session so you can expect photos full of personality and life. We believe photographing kids is special and therefore needs special attention. A good photo is a combination of good photography and willing subjects. That’s why at Bopomo you will have an assistant to make sure your kids are not only looking at the camera but also fully engaged and smiling. We have been told that we have the best jokes and our magic stick does magic indeed!

Each two hour appointment consists of a 45 minute photo shoot followed by a viewing time with one of our studio consultants who will help you with image selection and any photography-related question(s) you may have. After placing your order, it will get to our editing team and will ship out within 10 days to your address free of charge (within Metro Vancouver). Everything is done in about 2 hours in one place providing you with more flexibility, less back and forth, and error proof customer experience.



Do you provide print or digital images?

Bopomo offers digital packs and great pricing on premium prints thereafter. Digital packs include your selected number of high resolution digital images, 4×6 sized book, bopomo mobile app and more. For more details and pricing, please refer to our promos and pricing page.

Isn't studio portrait photography expensive?

Not at Bopomo. With sitting fees starting at $39.95 (which includes a 45 minute photo session and up to 1 hour viewing on the same day) and no obligation to purchase, Bopomo sessions are virtually risk-free. We also offer a range of photo package options (digital and prints) to suit all budgets.

What should I wear to the shoot?

It’s best to keep your attire simple and more casual. Something as simple as a tank top and jeans can be quite effective. The focus should be on you, not the outfit. Bright colors in solids or prints usually look the best, particularly on a white background. White clothing will be photographed on colored backgrounds and black is not recommended. If you’re with a group, try and keep everyone in similar tones, though this doesn’t mean you all have to be identical. Capturing all the features and details of babies under a year is very special-to do so. We do have diaper covers in different colours as well as tutus for the budding ballerinas!

How long will the session last?

The actual photo shoot itself is approximately 45 minutes followed by up 1 hour time spent with one of our consultants to help you with your image selection. For those who prefer longer time (suitable for newborn sessions), we do offer 1.5 hours as well.

Do I need to bring anything to the sitting?

It’s not necessary, but by all means if there’s a special memento or prop that you’d like included in your photos.  Also and where young children are concerned, sometimes a special toy, stuffed animal or a musical instrument might help set the right mood. You may also want to bring along a snack (or milk bottle) for them depending on the time of day for your session.

How do I book an appointment?

Simply call us at 604-678-1411 or email us at to make an appointment. To reserve a spot, the non-refundable sitting fee of $39.95 (for 45min session) is due at the time of booking. You may choose to pay by Debit, Visa, or Mastercard. See you soon!

When should I bring my newborn in for photos?

We recommend bringing your newborn to the studio within the first 3 weeks. For a full guide to professional photography during the first year of your child’s life, refer to our Baby Photography Guide under our newborn gallery page.

How long do you keep my photos on file?

Bopomo will store your images on file for 3 months. 12 month storage can be purchased for $24.95.

How long will it take to get my photographs?

Your digital and print orders will be shipped within 10 days. Free shipping applies within Metro Vancouver. Rush orders can be accommodated for an additional charge of $25. Special orders, digital editing, large format prints, announcements, greeting cards, photo books (albums), handbags, canvases and aluminum prints can take up to 6 weeks, depending on the product and the location it is coming from.


The newborn session

It is best to photography your newborn within the first 3 weeks of life. Younger babies are generally smaller, sleepier and more easily posed. The session will happen at your newborns pace, allowing time for feeding and giving him/her time to settle into a peaceful sleep for those perfect images. Most of the images will be bare but you are encouraged to bring a special outfit if you have one.

For a standard black background, parents should bring black tops. This is an essential piece if you desire a seamless looking portrait. You are welcome to have a change of clothing for a different look. If a child or children are to be included please have them in simple attire. Parents’ hands and arms are essential props in newborn photos, make sure nails are well groomed. If your baby accepts a soother it’s recommended to bring one as it may help to calm a restless little soul.

The maternity session

It’s best to bring several pieces of clothing to achieve a good variety of images. Some ideas are tank tops & yoga pants (though they may be snug, they provide a beautiful silhouette of your belly), an over-sized solid colored mens shirt or cardigan with jeans that won’t do up anymore (so your belly can peek out), or beautiful lingerie such as a camisole or matching bra & panty set for a romantic feel. If you need more ideas please view our website or give us a call.

Hands are an important prop in maternity portraits, please ensure nails are well groomed.

If dad is included, have him bring a plain black and a plain white short sleeve shirts and dark pants (jeans are fine).

When being photographed with your partner or existing children, bring a few clothing options that are coordinating. Watch for snug clothes that will leave marks on your belly.

Timing is everything

Please consider meal and nap times when requesting a session time. Our appointments last for approximately 2 hours and consist of a 45 minute photo session and up to one hour viewing. Schedule your portrait session during your child’s upbeat time of day, after naps and feedings, so that he can enjoy the experience. Arrive 10-15 minutes before your session. Use this time to feed, relax and enjoy our studio before the fun begins!

Get them psyched!

Talk about your session in advance and tell them how much fun it will be. Let them know that Grandma & Grandpa will love to have nice pictures of them. Plan a special outing or treat for their cooperation.

Keep 'em happy

You may need to bring along necessary items to help keep your child happy and clean, including diapers, wipes, snacks, and favorite toys. Don’t forget a snack for yourself!

A helping hand

It is always a good idea to bring a helping hand. During the portrait sitting, if children aren’t included in all the photos and while you are viewing your images you can have your spouse, guardian or friend take them for a walk to the nearby park or grab a bite.

Bring the family

Include other family members in portraits with your child. Holding hands with mom and dad. Big brother kissing her new baby sister on the nose. You will cherish these images for years to come.

Props and personality

We encourage bringing along some personal props to showcase your child’s individuality – hats, musical instruments, costumes, or toys. Don’t forget those extra curricular activities such as ballet, gym, martial arts, and hockey. After all, your child is unique!

If you’d like to use our props, we have a great selection suitable for many occasions. If there is something specific you are after, please inquire ahead of time.

Eager Eye

Now the payoff begins! Because you came with a plan in mind, selecing your photos is the ultimate reward. Your photographer will send out an excellent selection which to choose and you get to see them right after your photo shoot in the company of one of our studio consultants.

Having fun

We are here to make this fun. This is not the stodgy formal portrait sessions of days gone by. We look forward to having you share a snapshot of your lives with us.



We have been taking our family shots at Bopomo since our daughter was 6 months old; she is now almost 8 years old. Always providing a superior quality product; their staff is awesome to work with, both for children and adults alike! We have been loyal to Bopomo for many years, and wish to continue doing so. We recently had family from overseas visiting and the pictures have turned out great. The fact that they have moved to East Van gets them extra points as we don’t have to cross the city for our next session! Highly recommended.

Sara, Vancouver

“Forget what you may have heard or experienced with other Baby & Family photographers. Since its opening Bopomo has raised the bar and given the competition something to aspire to. What is usually a stressful chore to be avoided, could not be more pleasurable as the amazing staff work their magic and made memories that will last a lifetime. The whole process from start to finish is pure ease, with stunning results at the right price. For classy pictures to show with pride – you will simply never regret a visit to Bopomo.”

Amanda, Vancouver

Amazing staff who are well rounded with working with children. This is the first time in a long time we’ve had a family portrait done & I am very happy with the results. I wish we could’ve taken all the pictures! But choosing the prints has never been easy. Not the photographer’s fault! Thank you to the staff @ Bopomo for a great experience!

Joy, Vancouver

“We love Bopomo! The relaxed, fun environment and the energetic, creative photographers combined to create an end-product which exceeded our expectations. We will treasure our Bopomo family photographs and intend to return again and again and again…”

Shelley, White Rock

“The most precious time in our lives and Bopomo creatively captured these moments in time. Professional, friendly and would you believe affordable! So unique! Wow! Thanks Bopomo for bringing out my son’s best qualities!”

Michelle, White Rock

“Usually getting my three little girls pictures taken is very stressful, however with Bopomo, it was truly a pleasure. The photographers are so experienced working with young children that they can really capture their individual personalities in print. Having the studios waiting room full of things for the kids to do was key to looking at all the photos taken on their large computer screens uninterrupted. There were so many great pictures taken of my girls that it was difficult to choose just a few!”

Catherine, Burnaby

“Thank you Bopomo pictures! I love the photographs of my son. Given your reasonable prices, I was expecting posed shots rather than the amazing artistic photographs that were taken. What a wonderful dilemma to have so many choices at the end of the shoot. Your staff were so patient and full of energy. It was a delightful day.”

Val, West Vancouver

“Our experiences with Bopomo have been fabulous. Trying to get five children all to look good together in a photo is no easy task especially when one is a baby. One of the assistants at the studio was amazing. She was able to get the baby to smile for every picture. We have gone for three separate sittings and they all were great. The studio and staff are warm, friendly and inviting. We would not hesitate to recommend Bopomo for all your family snap shots.”

Lisa, Burnaby

“I don’t often make recommendations unless I am over the top happy with something…and I can say without a doubt that I am just that with Bopomo! My daughter, 6, loves the Bopomo experience and we just adore the beautiful photos we walk away with. I have probably recommended them to at least 50 people and spread the word about them as often as I can. I know once you try it, you’ll never go anywhere else…”

Michaela, Vancouver

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