Newborn Photography Guide

In the first year of your child’s life, your baby will go through many different and distinct stages. The differences won’t be as noticeable until you look back at pictures, and then you won’t believe the change! The following outlines the best times to have professional photos done and what to expect at each stage:

1 - 21 days

There is a small window when true newborn pictures can be done and that is during the first ten days of your baby’s life. It is at this time, when your baby is still quite sleepy and moldable, that you can capture those curled up peaceful shots. It’s also a great time to show the incredible size contrast between your baby and his or her parent’s hands. At this age, it is better to have the baby either fully naked or with only a diaper cover rather than a full outfit, to better capture all those miraculous features. Even if you don’t feel up to it, it is still important to add some family shots as you can not go back in time and get those shots another time. Your photographer will be discreet in how to photograph your post-pregnancy body. Parents should bring a black long sleeve top for this session. Baby acne, cradle cap and colic don’t usually occur until after this stage if the session is done early enough.

3 - 4 months

This is the “classic baby” looking stage. Your baby’s cheeks will have filled out and he or she will have started smiling. Around 4 months, babies discover and begin to hold onto or play with their toes. They can also, with support, pull their heads up when on their tummy. This classic baby stage only lasts a short while, but is definitely one you won’t want to miss capturing. Still best to dress them in either a diaper cover or keep them naked—afterall, it isn’t just the cheeks that fill out but those adorable thighs as well!

6 - 8 months

This is one of the most enjoyable stages to capture. At 6-8 months, your child will be bursting with personality. Once he or she sits up without assistance and is fairly stable sitting up, then it is time to book a session. There are many options and poses at this stage. Because the child isn’t typically crawling, he/she remains stationary. Again a diaper cover or fully naked is recommended.

9 months - 1 year

Lots of milestones happening at this stage. Your baby is now crawling and probably will be pulling himself/herself up to a standing position while holding onto something. Heck, we’ve even caught a few taking their first steps! Then of course, there is the actual birthday session, otherwise known fondly as the “cake smash”. Other than the cake smash which is usually done with just a diaper cover, this is the stage to dress them in that cute outfit you’ve been saving.

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This package captures the precious time before and after your baby is born. Basically, it is THE package to tell the story.

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